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January 21, 2023

Here is what should you know about us – Ethiopia

Simien Park Tours Ethiopia is a private, Eco-minded tour and safari operator established in 2010GC. Its vast experience allows Simien Park Tours Ethiopia to introduce the traveler to the myriad facets of Ethiopia’s past and present. Its have directors extensive experience in tourism and Sociology. Mr, Jemal Hussien has leading groups in several country tourists,  Europeans, American, Far east Asian and Canadians directed tours throughout the country since from 2005 GC .

Simien Park Tours Ethiopia has a team of experienced and dedicated staff. The guides are highly qualified and multi-lingual, while the coordinators have extensive knowledge of the country.
Simien Park Tours  Ethiopia also has a modern fleet for remote regions and up- to-date camping gears which adds to its smooth tour operation. This allows Simien Park Tours Ethiopia to provide its visitors with a wonderful trip at a competitive rate. The main activity of Simien Park Tours  Ethiopia is to guide and organize tours and safaris for local and foreigner visitors with in Ethiopia, including sightseeing and educational trips on historic sites, ethnicities, folklore, fauna and flora and scientific research trips performed by the specialized staff members of our company.

Simien Park Tours offers tailor-made trips and treks through out Ethiopia, providing some of the best customer service available.

Services we provide include:

• Trekking Simien and Bale Mountains
• Tours and Safaris (established routes or tailor-made to your requirements)
• Danakil adventure Trekking
• Hotel and Lodge booking
• Camping equipment and car rental
• international and domestic air ticket booking and itinerary planning
• Meet and assist services and airport transfers
• Filming on Natures, Culture and South Omovalley

Our Vision

To be the leading tour operator in Ethiopia, known for our reliable and high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide high standard services to our clients, allowing them to have a unique experience and taste of Ethiopia, its intact culture, rich history and natural environment through our motivated and well-experienced team.

Our Values

Authentic experiences
Interactive itineraries
Competitive rate
Quality service
and Responsible for tourists.

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