As a member of the responsible tourism network, Simien Park Tours Ethiopia also tries to minimize negative, social, economic and environmental impacts and generates economic benefits for local communities.

We also have numerous initiatives to minimize damages to the environment and wildlife. This allows our clients to travel responsibly, without the worry of causing destruction to local cultures, environment and economy.

Thank you for viewing our website regarding your proposed tour and travel needs in Ethiopia. We look forward to the opportunity to offer you our quality services. traveling with Simien Park Tours Ethiopia will ensure that you will have a fascinating experience, in the land enriched with cultural and natural diversity.

Ethiopia is a unique country, where you will find a harmonious blend of culture, nature, cuisine, arts and architecture brimming with unlimited number of fun and frolic. Ethiopia attracts people from all walks of the life. It offers myriad of travel activities ranging from adventures like the jaggedly carved Simien Mountains, a UNESCO heritage site, to Danakil Depression, which is the lowest and hottest place on earth and is said to be a geological marvel with more than 30 active and dormant volcanoes. Ethiopia is also known for its rock-hew churches of Lalibela and the obelisks of Axum, which are renowned for their architectural beauty and mesmerizing history, giving you glimpse of one of the greatest empire in history.

One is compelled want to know the forces and powers that have enabled these wonders. The Semien Mountains National Park has many summits above 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) with Ras Dejen, the highest point in Ethiopia and the fourth highest in Africa being 4,543 meters (15,157 feet).

With at least three general botanical zones, the park is known for its distinct ecology, animals and vegetation. Three of Ethiopia’s seven large endemic mammals — the Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboon and Abyssinian Wolf— are found here. Known as the “Roof of Africa” and located 136 kms from Gondar, the Semien Mountains National Park was the first of the country’s nine World Heritage Sites to be designated. Visitors to the park should be prepared for the possibility of warm days and the likelihood of sunburn. October, November and December are the coldest months but the Best time for Trekkers, maximum temperature during the day is about 15-25°C and at night it drops to +2 sometimes down -2 and 0°C.